October 22, 2014

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New Milford Township Meets In Garage

There were two New Milford township supervisors present at the October 15th meeting, which met in the borough garage due to the construction on the township building.  In a meeting, which lasted all of about fifteen minutes, various items were dealt with nonetheless.

Notification was received that Diaz Supplies Quarry had applied for a Small Non-Coal Mine Permit up on Mitchell Road.  Also, Popple Construction Inc. had filed for a nonmetallic mineral processing plant permit and a diesel fired internal combustion engine permit.  It was suggested these permits were for the portable crushers that company had.  Two subdivisions were discussed, one on Page Lake and one on Tyler Lake.  Some of the residents involved in the former were present.  The supervisors had no objection to either, just noting that they would send the usual sewer letter.

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Another Legal Wrangle In Harford

There were the floods of 2006 and following that prompted some property owners at Tingley Lake to sue to get the lake’s outlet fixed. The rampaging bulls at the Fair 2 years ago stirred up another lawsuit. Now some residents of the Tyler Lake area appear to be threatening legal action against the township.

Harford Township’s Supervisors wouldn’t say more at their October meeting on the 14th other than that there had been an executive session with their solicitor on September 4th concerning a legal matter related to Tyler Lake. The bill list showed $2,612.32 paid to the lawyers. Supervisor and Township Secretary Sue Furney said that was partly for the Tyler Lake issue, and partly for miscellaneous liens and easements around the township.

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